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Envision is one of the leading overseas education consultants to empower careers and transform futures. As premier overseas study consultants for students aspiring to study abroad, we are passionate about helping our students advance their careers in the schools and universities of their choosing anywhere in the world. By bringing together some of the most seasoned counsellors in the field, a unique visa approval operation, a trans-formative business model, and proprietary technologies, we have been challenging old ways and creating new guidelines for our pupils every year for 24 years. We have revolutionized the lives of Indian students studying abroad and changed the definition of overseas education by providing them with exceptional educational opportunities. Enjoy the excellence of studying overseas by getting in touch with our first-rate foreign education consultants.


Our Abroad education consultants can guide you throughout the process of getting admitted to more than 750 top universities in 18+ locations including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA, Germany Switzerland, France, etc. Whether you want to study medicine, engineering, or law, we have got you covered.

With 10000+ successful admissions and 400+ partner universities, Envision is set to give you a life-changing opportunity to get started with your overseas career.

Why Choose Envision as your trusted Overseas Education Consultants?

We firmly think that all of our students possess a special gift that they showcase in a variety of career fields and that our counsellors can elevate experiences, streamline careers, and motivate and inspire students worldwide.

Individualized Approach: As top-tier overseas study consultants, our role is to present options and support for you to reach your goals based on your needs and aspirations. Personalized counselling at every stage assists you in making your life-altering decision.

Competitive Team: After carefully examining your credentials and career objectives, our highly qualified foreign education consultants—many of whom have studied abroad themselves—recommend a nation, university, and course.

Comprehensive Solutions: Our skilled staff makes sure your trip from counselling to arriving at your preferred location is enjoyable and uneventful. We offer complete solutions, from selecting the best degree and university to providing post-visa services.

Streamlined application procedure

Applying to schools can be challenging because of paperwork, deadlines, and specifications. Our expert overseas education consultants will work as your personal guide to help you at every turn.

They assist you with the organization of your application materials, the editing of essays and mission statements, and making sure that all deadlines are met. Your chances of being accepted can be greatly increased by following the advice of our foreign education consultants.

Support for obtaining a visa

Our overseas study consultants are well-versed in the various admission and visa requirements, as the procedure for acquiring a visa varies depending on the country.

To ensure they are well-prepared, our abroad education consultants participate in simulated visa interview sessions. The advice given to the students helps them maintain their composure throughout the real visa interview.

In addition, the counsellor will guarantee that you have access to the official website so that you are informed of any changes to the visa criteria and may submit your application using the most recent forms. To put it briefly, they will give you all the resources you need to finish your visa application on time.

Our Overseas Study Consultants have Helped Thousands of Students reach their study goals

Selecting a study program overseas might be difficult because there are so many excellent options and amazing places to live. That’s when you need expert guidance from abroad education consultants.

Speak with us before applying if you’re unsure of where to begin or if you believe you know where you’re headed but want professional assistance first.

To help you create a thorough learning plan that will get you where you want to go, our licensed and experienced overseas education consultants would love to hear about your journey. Our vast institutional connections enable us to assist you in determining whether the courses you’re considering are suitable and to recommend suitable substitutes.

1. Have a private conversation with our foreign education consultants.
2. Since the majority of our overseas education consultants were once international students, we can truly relate to you and offer first-hand knowledge.
3. Study visas will be arranged for you by our in-house team of visa documentation specialists.

This is how it operates.

To provide you with individualized assistance, our overseas education consultants will get to know your lifestyle, study objectives, and career aspirations.

Step 1: We speak to you

Tell us about your desired lifestyle, your hobbies and skill sets, and your educational ambitions, and we’ll make some excellent recommendations, study locations, and course and career path recommendations, as well as information on available scholarships and potential financial aid for overseas students.

Step 2: Next, we work out the specifics.

We will go into detail to identify the colleges and institutions that can provide you with courses in line with your career path and preferred city once we have determined your personal and professional goals. We’ll verify that you fulfil the prerequisites for admission and provide advice on obtaining a visa.

Step 3: Handle any difficulties related to visas

Our team of professionals in visa documents will make sure you meet all the requirements and have the right study visa to continue your education abroad.

Step 4: The application procedure will be managed by us.

You don’t need to worry about the paperwork; we’ll handle it all for you and coordinate with the relevant authorities and educational institutions to ensure a seamless process.

Immigration Consultation:

• Assisting in the Visa Process. Assistance in preparing for entrance exams such as the PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL.
• Visa Services: Help students with the process of applying for a student visa.

Consult a professional to make Future Plans.

You can make sure you’re choosing your future studies wisely by speaking with one of our overseas education consultants. Enrolling in an expensive course that you are not enthusiastic about learning can be the worst decision you will ever make.

We can assist you in making the best decision based on your interests, objectives, expected career path, and financial situation thanks to our considerable expertise working with overseas students. We can also make sure that you maintain visa compliance while transferring from one course to another.

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