Best MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students

Best MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students: With more than 395 universities, the UK is the second-largest educational hub in the world and the gold standard for international students seeking top-notch education. Degrees from the UK are respected throughout the world and have helped many people launch their own businesses or land their ideal jobs. Many international students choose to study in the UK for their MBA because it is one of the most prestigious and sought-after programs in the world. We will cover all there is to know about MBA programs in UK for Indian students in this blog.

Choosing the best MBA colleges in the UK for Indian students depends on various factors such as academic reputation, faculty expertise, industry connections, location, and potential for post-graduation employment. Here are some top MBA colleges in the UK that are popular among Indian students:

London Business School (LBS): LBS is always among top business schools in the world. Its MBA is programme is known for diverse student community, brilliant faculty and excellent industry networks.

Fees: £87,900 – £94,500

Fees INR 1,21,29,625 ( £115,000)
Academic Requirement  3-year bachelor degree
GMAT Score 600
Language Proficiency IELTS-7.5 | TOEFL: 110
Scholarships BK Birla Scholars ProgrammeThe Service and Society Scholarship

Said Business School, University of Oxford: Oxford’s MBA program is renowned for its rigorous curriculum, strong alumni network, and global reputation. It provides opportunities for personal and professional development.

Fees: £63,000 – £71,000

Fees 1- year: INR 82,80,842 ( £78,510)
22- 24 months: INR 1,23,49,013 (£117,080)
Academic Requirement  3.5 GPA
GMAT Score 650
Language Proficiency IELTS-7.5 | TOEFL: 110
Scholarships Academic Future ScholarshipAdara Foundation Scholarship

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge: Cambridge’s MBA program emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. It offers a collaborative learning environment and access to Cambridge’s vast resources.

Fees: £59,000 – £65,000

Imperial College Business School: Located in London, The MBA programme at Imperial College Business School has a unique approach to business education, focusing on the important themes of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Through the Imperial Starter programme, students have the opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic and fast-growing new companies in the world, as well as with industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Fees: £54,500 – £59,500

Fees INR 71,19,562 ( £67,500)
Academic Requirement  Second Class Honours (60-70%)
GMAT Score 600
Language Proficiency IELTS-7.0 | TOEFL: 100
Scholarships Dean’s Impact ScholarshipImperial Excellence Scholarship

Warwick Business School: Warwick’s MBA program is known for its diverse student body, strong career services, and emphasis on experiential learning. It offers specializations in various fields, including finance, consulting, and marketing.

Fees: £41,500 – £46,500

Fees INR 56,69,281 ( £ 53,750)
Academic Requirement  Upper Second Class Honours (60-70%)
GMAT Score 670
Language Proficiency IELTS-7.0 | TOEFL: 100
Scholarships Change Maker ScholarshipRHODES Scholarship (External)
Minimum 3 years of experience

Cass Business School, City, University of London: Cass Business School offers an MBA program with a global perspective, strong industry connections, and a focus on practical learning. It is located in the heart of London’s financial district.

Fees: £44,000 – £49,000

Manchester Business School, University of Manchester: Manchester’s MBA program is known for its strong reputation in finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. It offers a flexible curriculum and opportunities for international exposure.

Fees: £45,000 – £50,000

Cranfield School of Management: Cranfield’s MBA program focuses on leadership development, innovation, and sustainability. It offers a personalized learning experience and strong ties to industry.

Fees: £38,000 – £44,000

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University: Edinburgh Business School offers its MBA flexibility, with students able to register online or on-campus. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills and a global approach.

Fees: £15,800 – £20,800 (for the online MBA, on-campus fees may vary)

University of Bath School of Management: Bath’s MBA program emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. It offers a supportive learning environment and opportunities for industry engagement.

Fees: £35,000 – £40,000

Before making a decision, it’s essential to research each program thoroughly, consider your career goals, and assess factors such as tuition fees, scholarships, and living expenses. Additionally, reaching out to current students or alumni can provide valuable insights into the student experience and post-graduation opportunities.

MBA in UK for Indian students without work experience

While many MBA programs worldwide, including those in the UK, typically prefer candidates with work experience, there are some options available for Indian students who wish to pursue an MBA without prior work experience. These programs often target recent graduates or individuals with limited work experience who are looking to accelerate their careers. Here are a few options:

Early Career MBA Programs: Some business schools offer MBA programs exactly designed for recent graduates or those with limited work experience. These MBA programs offer foundational business knowledge and leadership skills tailored for early-career professionals. Examples include the Early Career MBA at London Business School and the Cambridge MBA at Judge Business School.

Specialized Master’s Programs: Instead of pursuing a traditional MBA, students can consider specialized master’s programs that do not require work experience. These programs focus on specific areas such as finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship and can provide similar career benefits. Examples include the MSc in Management at Imperial College Business School and the MSc in Finance at Warwick Business School.

One-Year MBA Programs: A few one-year MBA programmes will consider candidates with relatively little work experience, usually where they can justify outstanding academic credentials or the potential for outstanding leadership in the future. This is achieved through a more intensive programme which aims to deliver a traditional, full-time MBA in a reduced time-frame. Examples of this include the Accelerated MBA at Cranfield School of Management and the MBA at Manchester Business School.

Pre-MBA Internships or Fellowships: A few business schools with this sort of MBA program will also provide pre-MBA internships or fellowships to students who have been accepted. These chances are designed to give non-traditional applicants a chance to gain real-world experience and prepare for MBA study. Participating in a pre-MBA internship can greatly improve your resume and help to offset your lack of professional work history.

Online MBA Programs: There are many reputable business schools that offer online MBA degrees which may be more flexible when it comes to admission requirements, including work experience. Students can study for their MBA degree while they continue working or attend to other responsibilities with an online MBA program. Examples of online MBA courses are the Global Online MBA from Imperial College Business School, and the Online MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

Why should you study in the UK for an MBA?

The eligibility criteria for doing in MBA colleges in the UK for Indian students are very flexible, so thousands of Indians pick higher education in UK. In the past year alone, more than 38,000 students have enrolled in MBA programs in the UK.

The top 10 business schools in the world according to Financial Times are UK colleges.

The UK government announced on September 11, 2019, the opening of a new immigration pathway that will allow foreign students to stay in the country for two years following their academic program’s completion. This way, you get to work in a global market filled with great openings for your CV.

The UK education system is far more forward-looking in terms of technology. For example, unlike the traditional note keeping system in India, the students are given online notes. Projectors and educational software are more common in the UK education system.

In UK universities, candidates are given projects needful intensive research that supports in skill management that companies look for in candidates.

Best MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the best MBA College in the UK for Indian Students?
A. The top MBA program in the UK for Indian students varies depending on personal preferences and objectives. Nonetheless, London Business School, Cambridge Judge Business School, and Said Business School at the University of Oxford are a few of the best MBA programs in the UK for Indian students. Every one of these universities offers particular benefits and advantages to students.

Q. Is an MBA in the UK worth it for Indian students?
A. For Indian students, pursuing an MBA in the UK may be worthwhile because it can give them exposure to the newest developments in business management as well as practical knowledge and hands-on experience.

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