TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEFL is a normalized English capability test that surveys English Language abilities in the areas of tuning in, perusing, composing and talking.

Students who wish to study at an undergrad or graduate level are required to take the TOEFL to show their English capability aptitudes.

The test is offered 30-40 times each year and is acknowledged by all Institutions in USA and a few Institutions in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada.

TOEFL Test design is partitioned into 4 segments to be specific-


You will be required to read
– 3 to 4 sections from scholastic texts
– Answer 10 questions each in 54 – 72 Minutes


You will be required to read listen to
– 3 to 4 lectures 6 questions each
– 2 to 3 discussions 5 inquiries each 41 – 57 Minutes (for both)


You have to share your opinions on a trending theme; and talk dependent on the reading and listening tasks, you also need to perform 4 jobs (1 independent – 3 integrated) within 17 minutes.

– Write an essay based on your reading and listening tasks.
– Work on an opinion piece.
These 2 assignments are to be finished in 50 minutes.

The Total term of the whole Test Format is 4 Hours.

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