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Visa Guidance

As a student travelling to a foreign country to study, you will need a valid visa issued that indicates the time period you are allowed to stay in the country.

Since the time taken to process visa applications varies from country to country, an ideal practice when applying for a student’s visa is to do this as soon as your admission is confirmed in your chosen university.

We recommend starting the process as early as possible, irrespective of the date your course is scheduled to begin.

Different countries have different visa requirements, and is always best to check with your education counselor or the embassy website of the country you are traveling to.

What you will largely be asked for include:
• Proof of Admission
• Valid Passport
• Proof of Sufficient Funds To Meet Expenses
• Proof of Proficiency In English
• Passport Photographs

At Envision we work along with our students to advise them on the entire process and keep them well informed on latest updates in the application procedure.

We also help you get all your documentation ready for submission, as well as translating, certifying, and helping you book appointments for the visa interviews.

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