How to choose your study destination

As a young student moving abroad to study is an experience of a lifetime. It is possibly one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make, so it is important to devote enough time to doing your research, understanding the pros and cons of every country, as well as the quality of life you can expect from them.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is what is it that you want to study. Make a list of your interests, and strengths, and then narrow down your choices.

Look up the various universities in multiple countries that offer the course of your choice. Do a comparison of factors like duration, topics covered, pedagogies, fees, and intake schedule, and employment benefits. Studying abroad involves a lot of time and money. For this reason it is very important to calculate the ROI you can expect in the future.

Consider the employment opportunities available both in India and the country you are looking to move to. Do a check on how your chosen sector is faring there, along with opportunities for internships and trainings.

It is also important to check the visa requirements for each country, as well as the lifestyles offered by each.

At Envision we will talk you through all these aspects and more to understand your interests and arrive at the best possible solution for you to thrive in.

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