Study Abroad without IELTS in UK for Indian Students

Study in UK for Indian Students

Students wishing to study at some of the top universities in the world known for their superior academic programs and research will find that the study abroad in UK provides an outstanding academic experience. 55,465 Indian students were studying in the UK in 2022, according to data from the Ministry of External Affairs about Indian students studying overseas. The data shows that more and more Indian students are choosing to study abroad UK. Several UK universities, including Imperial College London and University College London, have longstanding academic and research relationships with Indian Universities. UK Universities without IELTS for Indian students have a very high rate of successful employment outcomes.

If you want to study abroad in UK and want to know about MS in UK for Indian Students, Masters in UK for Indian Students, MBA courses in UK for Indian Students, keep reading!

According to the Prospects and AGCAS “What Do Graduates Do?” below is a pattern of first-degree graduates’ employment outcomes UK after 15 months after graduation. Check the Report:

• 5.9% were unemployed or about to start employment
• 11.4% were working part-time in the UK
• 10.6% were working and studying
• 9.2% continued their education
• 5.7% engaged in other activities
• 11.4% worked full-time in the UK.

Indian students can therefore choose to study abroad in UK.


The Best Reasons for Study Abroad in UK

For every student, choosing to study abroad in UK is a life-changing experience. Students must have strong reasons before deciding between multiple options for a study destination and academic institution. Here are some reasons for considering study abroad in UK as your top overseas destination:

Academic Quality: Four UK universities are ranked among the top 10 by the QS World University Rankings 2023. University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Imperial College London are a few of these. Oxford University is ranked #1 in the Times World University Rankings for 2023. These universities have excellent academic and research standards, as evidenced by their rankings.

Research Quality: The research output of 157 UK universities was evaluated by the most recent Research Excellence Framework 2021. World-leading (41%), internationally excellent (43%), internationally recognized (14%), and domestically recognized (2%), were the overall ratings for the quality of research contributions. UK universities have done excellent research, thus students who are motivated to pursue research should consider the UK as a possibility.

A friendly destination to students: Approximately 605,000 foreign students, both EU and non-EU, were enrolled in UK higher education institutions during the 2020–21 academic year. Approximately 55,000, or nearly 16% of all new registrants, are from India. Study abroad in UK is becoming a more popular, as seen by the growing number of international students studying there.

Scholarships: UK universities without IELTS for Indian Students offer outstanding scholarships. These include the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, the International Scholarships Award, Chevening Scholarships, and GREAT Scholarships.

Leisure and Travel: The UK is a fascinating destination for historical sites, musical performances, culinary events, and other cultural festivals. In the UK, universities have a rich history, and attending one of these institutions allows you to contribute to this legacy.

The cost of a UK student visa

• £363 is the cost of applying for a student visa from outside of the UK.
• The cost to renew or convert to a student visa from within the United Kingdom is £490.

UK Universities without IELTS for Indian Students

Most UK universities made it mandatory for foreign students to pass the IELTS exam for admission. Students frequently wish to forgo the exam and look for other alternatives to study abroad in UK without taking the IELTS because of its difficulty and the universities’ selective admissions policy. Nonetheless, admission to numerous UK universities without IELTS for Indian Students is possible. One of the most crucial things a student must think about before beginning the application process to study in the UK is appearing for the IELTS.

Top UK Universities without IELTS for Indian Students

The list of UK universities without IELTS for Indian Students is provided below.

• University of Plymouth
• University of Portsmouth
• Swansea University
• University of Warwick
• London Southbank University
• University of Greenwich
• University of Central Lancashire
• Aston University
• Northumbria University
• Robert Gordon University
• University of Bolton
• Birmingham City University
• Riga Technical University
• University of Northampton
• Sheffield Hallam University
• University of Basel
• University of Bristol
• University of Geneva
• Birmingham City University
• University of Central Lancashire

Masters in UK for Indian Students

Studying abroad for a postgraduate degree is becoming increasingly common, with the UK being the most popular destination for Indian students. With widely recognized degrees and easy accessibility, it provides countless options for masters in UK for Indian Students.

Types of Masters in UK for Indian Students

Gaining a master’s degree from the UK provides access to a world of higher learning, specialized expertise, and improved employment opportunities. The UK, which is renowned for its wide range of programs and academic brilliance, provides an alluring selection of master’s degrees that are designed to satisfy the requirements of both aspiring scholars and professionals. Below is a tabular list of masters in UK for Indian Students:

Basics Taught Master’s Research Master’s
Concept Master’s degree courses are taught via seminars and lectures, while assignments, tests, and dissertations are used for evaluation. Research master’s program students focus their study on a particular thesis under the direction of an academic advisor.
Example Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration and Master of Engineering. Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Master of Research (MRes), or PhD

MS in UK for Indian Students

International students can choose from a 6- to 48-month master’s degree in the UK that combines course-based, research, or a combination of the two. Indian students can pursue their desired degree programs at UK universities because they provide expertise in a variety of subjects, professions, and courses. MS in UK for Indian students who wish to further their studies overseas can choose MS in engineering, general science, and computer science as they are among the most sought-after options.

For Indian students, the UK’s 120 universities offer master’s degrees in a variety of areas. These colleges are among the best in the world and have the best infrastructure for providing students with a top-notch education. The average first-year tuition for an MS in UK for Indian Students is INR 7.84 L.

MS in UK for Indian Students: Colleges

UK universities are among the best in the world and provide master’s degrees to students from other countries. The following is a list of the best master’s universities in the United Kingdom:

Universities in UK QS World University Rankings 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023
University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom #3 #1
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom #2 #3
Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom #6 #10
University College London (UCL), London, United Kingdom #9 #22
The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom #22 #29
The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom #32 #54
King’s College London, London, United Kingdom #40 #35
The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, United Kingdom #45 #37
University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom #55 #76
University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom #67 #104

MS in UK for Indian Students: Popular Specialisations

Here is a list of the best specializations for MS in UK for Indian students who want to study there.

MS In UK Specializations
MS in Biology (Sciences) in UK MS in IT & Networking in UK
MS in Engg. (others) in UK MS in Geology in UK
MS in Computer Science & Engineering in UK MS in Health Science in UK
MS in Electronics & Electrical Engineering in UK MS in Mathematics in UK

MBA Courses in UK for Indian Students

Second only to the United States as the most popular study location, the United Kingdom is widely regarded as a global leader in high-quality education in Business administration. MBA courses in UK for Indian students make it easy for Indians to get an MBA from overseas. The United Kingdom’s education system enjoys a good international image thanks to its several MBA colleges ranking in the top 100 (four of which are among the top 10) and receiving high praise from academic communities worldwide.

The one-year duration of the MBA program in the UK is what draws interest from all around the world. The one-year MBA programs offered in the UK make it the perfect choice for workers who are unable to take extended breaks, in contrast to other nations where the typical MBA program lasts two years. Due in part to the course’s shorter duration, students of all ages are drawn to it.

List of Top Universities in UK for MBA

Institution Duration Exams Accepted Course Fee 2023
University of Oxford 1 year (full-time), 22-24 months (part-time executive MBA) GMAT, GRE INR 74.1 Lakhs
University of Cambridge 1 year GMAT, GRE INR 66.4 Lakhs
London Business School 15-21 Months GMAT, GRE INR 1.11 Cr
University of Warwick 1 year GMAT: 650 avg, GRE INR 51.8 Lakhs
Lancaster University 1 year IELTS: 6.5 INR 37.3 Lakhs
Cranfield University 12 months GMAT: Over 600, GRE INR 45.8 Lakhs
Brunel University 1 year IELTS, PTE INR 28.5 Lakhs
Durham University 1 year GMAT: 600. IELTS: 7, TOEFL INR 36.3 Lakhs


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