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A journey abroad could be both daunting and thrilling but our range of services in ENVISION ensures that you have all the assistance you need to navigate the complexities. For every service you initially require, from the course and university selection to the pre-departure services we are here to help you. We are very keen to provide deliverables that will equip you well for pre-departure, and provide you the information for scholarship and financial aid. Our accommodation assistance ensures that you find suitable living arrangements, while our visa guidance streamlines the visa application process. 

Career Counseling

ENVISION understand the urge and complications of choosing a career. We make sure to equip you well by providing you with career counseling sessions, offered free of charge, provide personalized guidance so that you can shape your future well. Our counselors comprehend the importance of pursuing higher education abroad and are dedicated to providing thorough assistance in navigating this intricate process. Our counselors strategically guide your educational journey abroad, exploring opportunities and potential investments, including EB5 visa applications for US residency. Count on ENVISION to steer you towards a prosperous global career trajectory.

Accommodation Assistance

Moving to a new country, especially at a young age, can be daunting, but at ENVISION, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Accommodation plays a crucial role in your transition, and our counselors work closely with you and your parents to find the perfect fit. Taking into account factors like safety, travel time, cost, and quality of life, we advise on the choice between on and off-campus housing. Additionally, we help identify international student-friendly areas in your chosen city, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition to your new home away from home.

International Education Counselling

At ENVISION, we offer complimentary counseling sessions to assist students in navigating the intricate journey of selecting the ideal path for overseas education. Backed by a team of seasoned consultants, we provide tailored academic counseling and expert guidance in narrowing down study destinations and choosing suitable universities. Our services include eligibility review, application assistance, standardized test preparation, and visa application support. Additionally, we provide support in navigating scholarship opportunities, securing bank loans, arranging health insurance, and preparing for pre-departure services. Leveraging over 25 years of global experience, our consultants are committed to helping students identify the ideal university and course that resonates with their skills and passions.

International Education Consulting

University and Course Selection

The dedication of counselors to facilitate students is the most critical step in selecting courses and universities aligned with a successful future. Utilizing extensive market insights and data analytics, our experts enrich students’ profiles and maximize their potential exploration.

We consider individual preferences, financial constraints, and application timelines, ensuring a tailored approach to each student’s needs. Furthermore, we offer valuable information regarding the most sought-after study destinations and their respective intake periods, facilitating students in strategically planning their academic pursuits. From the United Kingdom to the United States, we provide thorough guidance to students aspiring for international education.

Application Guidance

At ENVISION, our dedicated team works tirelessly to simplify the university application process, ensuring efficient execution and swift decision-making. We assist in formulating clear strategies tailored to your objectives, handling course applications, verifying academic and extracurricular strengths, and submitting applications directly to your chosen institutions. Upon receiving offers, we guide you through any necessary steps, such as retesting for IELTS or submitting additional records. With data segmentation, dashboard reviews, and resource integration, we optimize your chances of admission. Start your application journey today by filling out the adjacent form.

Financial Assistance

Studying abroad comes with significant financial considerations, and at ENVISION, we acknowledge this reality. Collaborating closely with students and their families, we assess their financial capabilities and needs, guiding optimal solutions. Additionally, we prioritize assisting students in setting up local bank accounts upon arrival in their chosen country. This facilitates easy access to funds for living expenses and bill payments. Moreover, for students seeking employment opportunities while studying, having a local bank account streamlines salary deposits, ensuring smooth financial transactions and management throughout their academic journey abroad.

Visa Guidance

When studying abroad, securing a valid visa is crucial, and timing is key. We advise students to begin the visa application process promptly upon receiving admission confirmation, regardless of course start dates. Visa requirements vary by country, typically including proof of admission, a valid passport, financial sufficiency, English proficiency, and passport photographs. At ENVISION, we guide students through the entire process, providing up-to-date information and assisting with document preparation, translation, certification, and visa interview scheduling. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful visa application experience for every student.

Scholarship Information

Scholarships are financial grants awarded to deserving students, easing the financial burden of education. They are granted based on predetermined criteria set by the issuing organization. These grants cover various expenses such as tuition and accommodation. There are different types of scholarships available, including merit-based scholarships, which reward students for academic or athletic excellence, student-specific scholarships based on factors like gender or ethnicity, need-based scholarships aimed at assisting students with financial need, and program/career-based scholarships offered in collaboration with educational institutions. Scholarships play a crucial role in enabling students to pursue their studies abroad without the constraint of financial limitations.

Pre-Departure Service

“Cheers to the beginning of this thrilling new adventure!”We understand it can feel overwhelming, but rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our pre-departure meetings, held regularly before each country intake, provide essential guidance for both students and parents. These sessions cover everything from navigating immigration and customs to settling into campus life. Explore our wealth of practical tips, comprehensive checklists, and valuab le insights into the rules and regulations of your selected destination. Join us for our Pre-Departure sessions, where we’ll address any worries and ensure you feel fully confident and ready for the exciting journey ahead.

Aptitude Test

Understanding a student’s aptitude and interests is integral to effective education counseling. At ENVISION, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of abilities and interests, utilizing multidimensional personality assessments to gain insight into each student’s character traits and qualities. Many students begin the process uncertain of where to study, but with our guidance, they gain clarity on the advantages and disadvantages of studying in different countries. With informed decision-making supported by parents, our international education counseling empowers students to make choices aligned with their aspirations and goals

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