Guide for parents

Parents, this is one of the most important and bravest decisions you will ever make.

Seeing your child move out of home is no easy decision, and we understand this.

It is your responsibility to support your child throughout this decision and be a part of the entire process.

What you have to do as a parent?
– You have to understand your kid. As a parent, you should be a functioning piece of their dynamic method to guarantee they make the right decisions throughout everyday life.

– Talk About Objectives Transparently
Comprehend why your child needs to travel to another country, regardless of whether it is vocation driven or individual. It is essential to comprehend what precisely your kid looks for in life to have the option to guide or bolster them.

– Research Widely
As a parent it is your duty to investigate about the courses your kid is keen on, the university they have been discussing and the way of life they would most flourish in.

– Think About Your Difficulties
Connect with loved ones whose youngsters have travelled to another country. Get some information about the difficulties you are probably going to face and make sense of how to manage them.

– Set A Budget
Having an estimate of the costs involved with sending your children to another country can assist you with settling on the best choice. Nonetheless, it is not simply the education cost alone you ought to be computing in your financial plan, there’re significantly more costs included when you intend to send your kid abroad. Consider different costs, for example, food, accommodation, lifestyle expenses,  correspondence and travel also! At Envision our counsellors can help facilitate your budgetary planning for your kid’s stay abroad.

– Make A Definite Arrangement
Once you have a complete understanding of what goes into sending your child to another country, consider all elements including course and college choice, funds, visa, and so on.

– Get A Complete Health Check Up Done
Before your child leaves for his/her studies abroad, ensure they have undergone a complete general physical assessment, dental exam (if relevant). Get them all shots and relevant supporters. If your kid wears glasses or contacts, get them a duplicate of their prescribed pair.

In the event that there are prescribed medications endorsed to your youngster, talk with their primary care physicians who will assist them with the name of alternate medicines they will be able to get in their chosen country.

– Travel Security Is Vital!
It is understandably worrying to send your kid a huge number of kilometres away, and that is the reason it is essential to guarantee about their movement security. You can’t overlook travel protection! Guarantee your youngster is safeguarded before they leave.

– Stay In Touch Regularly
There are numerous platforms through which you can keep in touch with your kid – email, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and so forth. Having said that, it is important to not use all of them all the time. Give your kid some space.

In situations when your youngster can't react to your calls or messages, don’t freeze right away. It could be because of a busy timetable, low WiFi transmission capacity or fluctuation in time zones. It’s ideal to keep your timings adaptable and not be over-requesting.

– Keep Crisis Contacts Helpful
Keep emergency contacts handy. These could include the number of the university, a few flatmates, or friends or relatives you have in that particular country.

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