The ACT – American College Testing

ACT is the main school placement test that assesses your preparedness for school. It evaluates what you have learned in school to prepare you for college.

The ACT has 5 segments: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and a discretionary Writing Test.

– English
75 Questions to be replied in a 45minutes.
It quantifies the standard composed English and expository abilities

– Mathematics
60 Questions to be replied in an hour.
It gauges the scientific abilities students have taken up till grade 11.

– Reading
40 Questions to be replied in a short time.
Measures understanding appreciation

– Science
40 Questions to be replied in 35 minutes.
Measures the translation, examination, assessment, thinking, and critical thinking
abilities required in the normal sciences.

– Writing
Writing test is optional, which includes 1 essay in 40 minutes.
The Total span of the whole Test Format is 3 hours 35 minutes

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