Study in Australia for Indian Students After 12th

Study in Australia for Indian Students After 12th: If you are an Indian student hoping to pursue post-twelfth-grade studies in Australia, this article is for you. Australia is the country that enrolls the most Indian students each year, right after the United States and the United Kingdom. After the 12th, if you meet the minimal % needed to go to Australia, you can choose from any of the many streams they provide.

Australian institutions will give you an excellent education that will set you up for career success. Your global career paths will be accelerated by the Australian educational system. Over 52,000 Indian students applied to Australian colleges for a variety of majors, according to some studies.

Australian educational institutions are well regarded for having top-notch facilities. Furthermore, Australia attracts a large number of Indian students with its affordable tuition and high level of living. Australia is therefore among your top possibilities if you wish to pursue higher education overseas.

Why choose Australia after the 12th?

Australia offers Indian students a superior academic option along with a number of other benefits that will ultimately advance their professional path. To gain entry into an Australian institution, all you have to do is achieve the minimal percentage needed for Australia following your 12th grade. This will also make you eligible for Australia’s first-rate student amenities.

The Australian National University, the Universities of Adelaide, Queensland, Sydney, and Melbourne, UNSW Sydney, Monash University, and the University of Western Australia are among the esteemed Group of Eight (Go8) universities that are well-known for their academic excellence.

These universities offer career-focused programs.

These organizations employ top-notch research and training techniques, and you can work while taking programs that will help you have a positive work experience. Additionally, because of the numerous international students, the colleges have a broad culture, and you will have an excellent international experience.

Australian course structures

For Indian students, Australian universities provide a variety of programs. In Australia, you have the choice of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. For diploma programs, Australia requires a minimum of 60% after the 12th.

Australia offers a wide variety of bachelor’s degree programs. Courses in physics, engineering, information technology, agriculture, architecture, business, management, and so forth are among the most popular. For undergraduate courses, Australia requires a minimum percentage of 65% after the 12th.

In general, Australia has two intake times: February and July. For February admissions, the best months are October and November; for July admissions, the best months are April and May. A few schools offer admissions in September and November. Every university has a different admissions procedure.

Eligibility for Australia

As previously stated, in order to be eligible for study in Australian institution, you must receive the minimal percentage for Australia after the 12th grade (60% for diploma programs and 65% for bachelor’s). Nearly all Australian universities take into account India’s general three-year undergraduate program for post-graduation studies.

The 12-year duration of an Australian bachelor’s degree is comparable to a standard 3-year bachelor’s degree in business, science, or bachelor’s of arts. A 4-year degree program like a B.Tech or Bachelor of Engineering, or a qualification equivalent to 16 years of formal education, may be required by some programs and universities. This would need an extra year of study after graduation.

Holding a bachelor’s degree from a renowned Indian university is the primary eligibility requirement for post-graduation studies at Australian universities. Certain undergraduate programs may have unique requirements that you must have completed in the past, as stipulated by the college. It is best to familiarize yourself with the general Australian admission requirements.

The application process in Australia

To be admitted, you have to fill out the application and submit it before the time set by the university. Application forms are available for download from university portals or can be requested via mail from university websites. The forms are also available from authorized Australian University agents in India.

You need to meet specific requirements, such as the minimum % needed for study in Australia after the 12th, and turn in the necessary paperwork by the deadline. Given below are some of the documents you must submit.

  • Education Records: All your secondary and higher-secondary educational records and transcripts. It is better if you can transform the marks into the Australian grading system.
  • English Language Proficiency test scores: Since India’s main language is not English, you must take English proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL and score the minimum marks required for admission.
  • Other standardized test scores: If you go for an MBA program, you should take the GMAT test and submit the scores to the admission department.
  • Portfolio: You should submit your work experience report and a CV for higher study degrees like MBA or doctoral degrees.
  • Letters of Recommendation: The Letters of Recommendation are references from your teachers, professors, and instructors, stressing your skills and the reasons for your success in your chosen field. Generally, you must submit a minimum of 2 letters.
  • Statements of Purpose: These are essays that you must write to the university regarding your skills, talents, hobbies, etc. You must also mention why you have chosen the particular stream and financial management.

Scholarships in Australia

After you are accepted into a university, you will have several scholarship possibilities, so you won’t have to worry about the cost of studying in Australia. You must, however, receive the minimal percentage needed for study in Australia after the 12th in order to qualify for this benefit.

The Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship, offering AUD 50,000, Australian Government Scholarships, Swinburne University Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships, Monash University Scholarships (AUD 50,000), University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarships, and other scholarships are the most sought-after for Indian students.

Moreover, part-time employment is permitted at Australian universities. You can combine your full-time study with up to 20 hours of work every week. However, having a student VISA that would let you work in Australia would be beneficial.


For Indian students looking to study abroad in Australia, which is a fantastic destination, but in order to get admission, you must meet Australia’s minimal percentage requirement after the 12th. While February and July intakes are equally good, Indian students tend to choose July admissions. You can speak with counselors for higher education in Australia; they can assist you in planning your study abroad programs and in finding counselors.

Study in Australia for Indian Students After 12th: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is studying in Australia after 12th a good option for Indian students?
A. Absolutely! Australia provides top-notch education, a wide range of course options, and a multicultural setting. It’s an excellent choice for Indian students seeking quality education and global exposure.

Q. What are the academic requirements for Indian students to study in Australia after 12th?
A. The academic prerequisites vary based on the course and university. Generally, students need to meet specific grade requirements and subject prerequisites. It’s crucial to check the admission criteria for your chosen program.

Q. Are there scholarships available for Indian students pursuing higher education in Australia after 12th?
A. Yes, Indian students can apply for scholarships offered by numerous Australian colleges. These scholarships can significantly ease the financial burden, and it’s advisable to explore and apply for them during the application process.

Q. Can Indian students work part-time during their studies in Australia after 12th?
A. Yes, international students in Australia are allowed to work part-time during their studies. It’s a great opportunity to gain practical experience, supplement living expenses, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

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