Scholarships to Study Abroad for Indian Students


Studying abroad for students is certainly a dream come true. Several aspiring learners with sharp minds, passion for learning new things, and willingness to test themselves on the academic front like to experience overseas education. Studying abroad location from India will be an entirely different kind of experience from the traditional, language, and cultural standpoint.

Many students dream of studying overseas to experience new cultures, see new places, meet new people, make friends, and acquire globally recognized academic skills. Thus to make the dream of students to go abroad come true, getting study abroad scholarships is the ideal way to reach your destination.

Scholarships for study abroad are a beneficial educational advantage for learners to ideally get their overseas education financed and taken care of by the respective educational body. Several universities in India offer study abroad scholarships for deserving students have are sharp in their academic skills and like to go higher in education. The opportunity of study abroad scholarship covers everything from funding the education, helping with the transfer, accommodation, learning material, and more.

So, if you’re looking for an esteemed institution ready to fund your education overseas with the help of a scholarship, then this post is for you.

In the next couple of blog sections, you will get to know the things covered in studying overseas scholarships, types, and more.

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What Do Scholarships for Study Abroad Cover?

Study abroad scholarships are of a diverse range, offered by the reputed educational institutions. It does cover the funding of your overseas education that allows you to experience seamless transfer from India to a particular abroad location.

To be precise, scholarships for study abroad cover the following set of basic inclusions.

• Student’s tuition fee
• Transfer fee
• Student’s fees
• Books
• School-related cost
• Accommodation charges

And things like that.

Just remember the fact that scholarships for study abroad might cover other things like a stipend for students to earn every month or an academic opportunity to learn more. It all depends on the type of study abroad scholarship you apply for and that too from a reliable choice of education institute of your choice.

List of Countries that Offer Full-Scale Study Abroad Scholarships

One of the most important factors associated with overseas education scholarship is the choice of country that is ready to fund your education. Of course, you may want to study in a selected country that may or may not offer education in overseas scholarships.

Undoubtedly, study abroad scholarships are completely merit-based based on the respective eligibility criteria of students, marks obtained in the scholarship qualifying exam, gender, race, country, field of education, and more. Therefore, it is of integral importance on your part to have a close look at the list of countries that are ready to offer you overseas education scholarships.

Major countries offering scholarships for study abroad

• United Kingdom
• Canada
• United States of America
• Australia
• China
• Japan
• Europe
• Netherland

And, the list goes on.

No matter, if you belong to India and thinking of studying abroad on a partially or fully-funded education scholarship to study abroad, then you must meet the eligibility criteria.

Basic Requirements to Fulfill Get Study Abroad Scholarship

To get a scholarship to study abroad from India, students have to fulfill the requirements based on the following set of key points.

• Applicants must have a minimum score of 3.4 to 4 GPA.
• IELTS must be cleared with the lowest score of 6.5.
• You must have 100 in TOEFL iBT.
• Students must not be older than 30 years old.

Additional things to fulfill

• Applicants must be having a bright academic career, ratings, and scores so far along with valid proof to ideally apply for study abroad scholarships.
• You must have added value to your academic record with the presence of extra-curricular activities like social skills, problem-solving skills, and more.
• Make sure to opt for tests like the GRE, IELTS/TOEFL/PTA, and must have language proficiency.

Who Provides Education in Overseas Scholarships to Students

Abroad education scholarships are provided by several educational entities, private, and even government bodies to shape the careers of bright minds. Depending on the sources available, you will get study abroad scholarships from the following set of entities.

• Universities
• Organizations
• Government
• Private donors
• Businesses

All the above bodies understand the value of a global set of education that can be given to Indian students and learn the international perspective. These institutions are run by the government, people, and privately to fund the education of eligible sets of students.

• University Scholarships: Several universities in India are ready to offer several overseas education scholarships to a talented range of students. To know about such university-offered scholarships, it is best to discuss with the educational counselor at the respective university and know the insights of scholarships. Certainly, deserving candidates based on their academic performance, special talent, athletic abilities, and extracurricular activities participation will get first preference over others.
• Government Scholarships: Even the state and the central government offer certain sets of study overseas scholarships for the likes of aspiring candidates. In such a case government will finance the abroad education of students based on the entrance exam cleared or through merit-based consideration. Therefore, you can check with the government website or the education board regarding study abroad scholarships.

Different Types of Study Abroad Scholarships to Know

At this point, you must have got the basics of overseas education scholarships in India. Next, the thing are different types of scholarships to consider and apply for the same.

• Meri-based: As the name itself implies, merit-based study abroad scholarships are generally offered to students based on their excellent academic performance. Several governments and private educational universities offer merit-based scholarships based on academic achievement followed by additional activities, special talent, social assistance, and more. Under this type of study for abroad scholarships everything will be covered including tuition fees, university fees, accommodation expenses, and more.
• Need-based: This type of scholarship is offered to students who are in need of studying abroad because of their low-income capacity, low family income, or due to any other incapacity. A respective body will consider the annual family income, current living standard, academic record, citizenship, and residence status of candidates before providing the scholarship.
• Athletic-based: Athletic study abroad scholarships are definitely offered to top-notch athletes performing well from their respective universities. It’s a full-ride scholarship given to special sports talent who has performed exceptionally well at the domestic or national level in India. Along with free education received under an athletic-based scholarship, selected students will also get free athletic training in the abroad country.
• Field-specific: It’s a program-specific scholarship for study abroad, offered to students interested in a particular academic field and looking to pursue specialized undergraduate, post-graduate, or even diploma programs in abroad. Field-specific scholarships are generally offered to pursue engineering, scientific study, nursing programs, and more.

Apart from the above list, there are several other types of study abroad scholarships offered for talented students to pursue their academic dreams. All that is required from your side is to set an academic objective and achieve the same efficiently.

List of Best Study Abroad Scholarships Available for Learners


• Commonwealth Scholarship and fellowship
• Chevening Scholarship
• Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarships
• Rhodes Scholarships
• Inlaks Shivadasani Foundation Scholarships
• Erasmus Mundus
• Felix Scholarships


• Fulbright- Nehru fellowships
• Tata Scholarship


• Chinese government fellowships


• UBC Leader of Tomorrow Award


• Australia Awards Scholarship
• Australian Embassy fully funded scholarships
• University of Melbourne Scholarships
• Adelaide Global Citizens Scholarship

Concluding Thoughts

Studying abroad with the help of an academic scholarship is no longer a dream for interested students. It can be turned into a golden reality when you have the required information with you. Get to know the insights of study abroad scholarships and meet the required eligibility criteria to ideally fund your education ahead. Make sure to know the different types of overseas education scholarships offered by universities, private entities, and government bodies to take suitable action ahead.

So, what are you exactly waiting for? Stop dreaming and start living the reality of studying in an overseas destination of your choice and pursue the personal choice of academic excellence. Simply grab the required information, believe in yourself, and move ahead with passion, confidence, and utmost motivation.

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